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Essential Oil Rollerball

Essential Oil Rollerball

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Whether you carry them in your bag or leave them at your desk, these essential oil rollerballs are designed to help you get through your hectic day. Roll on, take a deep breath, and quiet your nerves.

Our Essential Oil Rollerball is made with coconut oil, a dried rose buds/petals, and our signature essential oil blends.

  • Cleopatra: A blend of ylang ylang, cedar, marjoram, lavender, vetiver, and may chang essential oils. Regular use of this powerful blend contributes to reduced stress, improved sleep, and alleviates mental fatigue.

  • Nefertiti: A blend of clary sage, geranium, roman chamomile, neroli, angelica root, bergamot, lavender, and chaste tree essential oils. Regular use of this powerful blend reduces stress and increases relaxation.

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