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Joy Diffuser Bracelet

Joy Diffuser Bracelet


The Dalmatian Stone appeals to the child within us all, encouraging a sense of playfulness. It is particularly beneficial for those who are overly analytical. This stone is paired with gold plated charms because gold is a gem amplifier. Gold attracts abundance, fertility, and prosperity. Because lava stone comes from such a raw energy (fire), it’s considered to be a stone of rebirth, known for its grounding and calming properties. Elevate these properties by diffusing the beads with essential oil.

How it works:

When you receive your bracelet, cleanse it and set your intention. To use your bracelet as a diffuser, place a small amount of essential oil on 1-3 of the black lava beads. Apply the oil on the part of the bead that faces away from your skin. Since essential oils are very concentrated, avoid applying them directly to the skin undiluted. Some oils will last several days, while others will fade more quickly. Reapply as needed. All bracelets are 19cm.

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