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Joy Diffuser Bracelet

Joy Diffuser Bracelet


The Dalmatian Jasper Stone appeals to the child within us all, fortifying the spirit and encouraging a sense of playfulness. It is particularly beneficial for those who are overly analytical, returning some of the intellectual carefulness back into the physical joy of simply being. It has a grounding energy, supportive of family and loyalty, and has a calming influence for children and animals. It is made of feldspar and quartz with black or brown spots of iron oxide, tourmaline, or other mineral inclusions that resemble the coat of a Dalmatian breed of dog. Known for its protective and healing properties, this mineral's vibrational energy is slow, though quite effective, and should be used long term. This stone is paired with gold plated charms because gold is a gem amplifier. Gold attracts abundance, fertility, and prosperity. Finally, Ebony Wood beads, which represent power, are added to diffuse your favorite essential oil.

How it works:

When you receive your bracelet, cleanse it and set your intention. For diffuser use, apply a few drops of essential oil or use a Rollerball on 1 to 3 wooden beads. Since essential oils are very concentrated, avoid applying them directly to the skin undiluted. Oil should be placed on the bead surface away from your skin. Some oils will last several days, while others will fade more quickly. Reapply as needed.

Essential Oil Rollerball:

This Bracelet comes with an Essential Oil Rollerball. Our Rollerball is made with coconut oil, dried rose buds/petals, and our signature essential oil blends.

  • Nefertiti: A blend of clary sage, geranium, roman chamomile, neroli, angelica root, bergamot, lavender, and chaste tree essential oils. Regular use of this powerful blend reduces stress and increases relaxation.

  • Cleopatra: A blend of ylang ylang, cedar, marjoram, lavender, vetiver, and may chang essential oils. Regular use of this powerful blend contributes to reduced stress, improved sleep, and alleviates mental fatigue.

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